Техническая поддержка

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During the entire lifecycle of the equipment, from delivery to disposal, our technical support service provides:

  • Repair in no more than 1 day
  • Calibration in metrological service
  • New employees training
  • Development of custom test solutions
  • Equipment upgrade
  • Expert assistance in dispute resolution

We perform technical support of FORMULA test systems in the FORM calibration laboratory, as well as at the place where the ATE is operated. The complete maintenance program of FORMULA test system includes:

1. Complex input diagnostics of test system technical condition.

2. Disassembly of the measuring unit of the test system, control of the units and parts, including power sources, refrigerating system, tester system connectors. When a fault is detected, regulation, repair or replacement is performed.

3. Calibration and maintenance of the test system's control computer, updating the version of the ATE software.

4. Assembly operation and advanced diagnostics of the test system. If there are deviations, replace the defective items.

5. ATE loading test.

6. Test system calibration (if provided by the program, maintenance). In case of deviations detection - setup of calibration factors.

7. Updating of documents:

  • Certificate of the test system calibration,
  • Calibration report of the test system in electronic format,
  • Electronic versions of the test system operating documentation.